In brief

For 20 years I have been developing websites for clients. Depending on the assignment, my services range from concept, design and programming to the provision of editorial content.

Over the years I have managed websites of all sizes, from small start-up companies or cultural projects to campaign websites for companies, associations and governments to the websites of major listed companies.

However, the realization of complex internet projects is only possible in cooperation with different specialists. Usually this is me as a project manager, who knows the conceptual design and at the same time forms the interface to the customer. Professional graphic designers who have a good understanding of the viewing and usage habits on the Internet are important for the visual appearance. In addition, IT specialists are also involved in the actual coding of the website and have their strengths in different areas such as CSS, HTML templates, PHP or SQL programming.

Behind all of the websites I have created are content management systems. Over the years we have developed „redactum“, our own very user-friendly CMS. In addition, we have also repeatedly realized projects based on Typo3, Imperia, Government Site Builder and WordPress for which we adapted and reprogrammed extensions/plug-ins.